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Continuous trust of our esteemed customers has motivated us to expand our business. We have installed complete state-of-the-art automatic process plant to render flawless services to our customers. To dye name Rip,Sinker,Single Jersy,Pique,Likera.

We have installed following best in class fully automatic machine.

Circular Knit Machine


Soft Flow Dyeing Machine

Inspected yarns and specialised materials like rayon or spandex are arranged in the cylinder-knitting machine for knitting. The needles and shuttles of the cylindrical knitting machines are adjusted to produce patterns specified by customers, and new samples will be knitted and checked prior to full production. Any defects during knitting are detected by the staff on duty and the knitting is halted until the problem is rectified. In addition, quality control staff further inspect the newly knitted fabric prior to the dispatch for dyeing.

Fabrics are treated by the setting machine in order to meet the customers' requirements on the width, unit weight and shrinkage degree of the fabrics. The setting machine extends the fabric under high temperature to enhance its smoothness and to stabilise its size and shape.