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The Textile Chemical Processing Laboratory comprises of wide range of equipments for processing fibres, yarns, fabrics and garments. Salient features of the laboratory are Computer Colour Matching System, Colour Matching Cabinet, Steamer, Jigger, Cheese Dyeing Machine and Winch Dyeing Machine. The laboratory has varieties of natural dyes and mordant chemicals.

List of activity carried out in this lab : -

  • Desizing of grey cotton fabric
  • Scouring of cotton fabric
  • Sodium hypochlorite bleaching of cotton fabric
  • Hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton fabric
  • Scouring of woven cotton fabric using Jigger
  • Bleaching of knitted cotton fabric using Winch
  • Dyeing of cotton fabric with hot brand and cold brand reactive dyes.
  • Analysis of defects in dyeing.
  • Open bath dyeing and other functions in the textile laboratory.
  • Fabric Extensioner: To determine the stretch & recovery of fabrics.
  • Carrier dyeing of Nylon with acid dyes
  • Carrier dyeing of Acrylic with cationic dyes
  • Determination of Wash fastness of dyed fabrics
  • Flame retardant finishing of cotton fabric using padding mangle
  • Water proof finishing of cotton fabric using padding mangle
  • Analysis of textile processing effluents
  • Analysis of chemicals for required parameters and percentage.
  • Analysis of textile color fastness to like- fastness to light , fastness to wash , fastness to rubbing (Wet & Dry) and perspiration